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The Results


Organic Traffic


Organic Keywords


Increase in CTR


Keywords in Top 10


New KWs in Top 100

The company has scaled its impressions to 1.1 million and doubled click rates.

When this plumbing company based in NY approached Albany SEO NY in July 2022, it was struggling with two major challenges.

  • Targeting ideal Clients
  • Increasing Sales 

We found that they were getting no eyeballs through search engines. Hence, the core issue boiled down to a lack of trust and credibility

Therefore, Albany SEO partnered with it to strengthen its digital presence and establish it as an authority.

The Strategy 

Albany SEO did an audit of their website and recognized the loopholes in their on-page and off-page strategies.

We started by improving their on-page optimization. This helped Google understand their business better and rank them for their keywords

On-Page SEO

While the website’s content was of good quality, we noticed a lack of proper keyword usage in the headings and body of the articles. So, we integrated these keywords naturally, avoiding the trap of keyword stuffing.

We used Ashrefs for keyword research to identify the most relevant keywords to target.

Website Speed

The speed of the website was initially 65 for mobile devices. Hence, we used WpRocket for cache management and file controls.

Moreover, Robin Image Optimizer helped reduce image sizes, significantly improving page load times.

Establishing Topical Authority

We identified content gaps and filled them with 20 new blog posts, publishing two blogs per week.

Simultaneously, we updated old content with the latest industry developments and statistics through data collected from competitors.

Enhancing User Experience

User experience is paramount in SEO. Hence, Albany focused on:

  • Ensuring a user-friendly website structure.
  • Enhancing visual design elements, including colors and  images, to create an appealing user-centric interface

Leveraging NLP and LSI Keywords

Incorporating NLP and LSI  keywords into our content diversified our offerings, giving us an edge over competitors. 

Google values NLP terms due to technological advancements and the rise of AI. The tool SurfSEO played a pivotal role in optimizing our site for NLP.

Backlinks Addition

Our backlink strategy began with Nandla Links which strengthened our brand’s presence and discovery. 

Additionally, we also built niche-relevant forum backlinks (usually 10 to 15, depending on the niche/competition). Guest posts and niche edits were part of our backlink mix.

Optimizing Google Business Profile (GBP)

For GBP optimization, the steps we took were as follows:

  • Crafting a description with NLP terms
  • Geo-tagging images with NAPW details
  • Service optimization with a comprehensive description.
  • Accurate business hours and regular posts.

Map Pack Dominance

We used a post-extracting method by identifying the content that our target audience was looking for. We aimed to outperform our competitors by scheduling a higher number of posts, around 4-6 per week.

Driving Directions and Q&A Posting

First, we included directions from our competitors’ locations to ours. Then we added directions from popular local places to our business location. This localized approach enhanced our map presence.

Lastly, monthly Q&A postings (GBP) helped engage our audience and provide valuable information by answering customer queries and emphasizing relevant keywords.

NLP Reviews Method

We extracted terms from top competitors’ reviews, ensuring our brand name and keywords were included. This technique helped boost our credibility and visibility.

Additionally, we implemented CTR (Click-Through Rate) boosting measures once a week to ensure fast results.


Let’s compare the last 6 months with the previous 6 months.

Metric Last 6 Months Previous 6 Months
Organic Traffic 42.9k 21.6k
Ad Spent $2k $19k
Impressions 1.09M 630k
Click-Through Rate (CTR) 3.9% 3.4%

We can sum up this information through a graph.

Our main goal was to increase organic traffic to the website. This helped us build trust and credibility. We added strategic CTRs to ensure the audience took action.

A few months in, the plumbing company started showing up in the SERPs. This led to a drastic increase in traffic and helped it close so many organic leads that it paused the PPC ad campaigns!

The point is that you can easily thrive in business with the right strategy, keywords, and content. If you don’t want to bother yourself with all the hassle, feel free to reach out to Albany SEO.  

Contact us today, and together we’ll craft an SEO strategy that gets you leads.

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